The Fall 2021 season is here!

  • Info sessions: Wednesday 9/1 and Thursday 9/2 at 7 pm in CPA 154

  • Practices: Mondays and Thursdays from 10 pm to midnight @ Cromwell Track and Field

  • Intramurals: Sign up HERE by Thursday 9/2 at 11:59 pm! IMs are A LOT of fun, only a 3 week commitment, $25 to join, and you get a sweet T-shirt and a fantastic ultimate experience (and a party ^o^).

  • Get all of this info on our Google Calendar!

Fun, lug, and friendship.

Reasons to join our team:

You can make friends and eat food while avoiding the freshman 15!

You'll learn invaluable life skills like resourcefulness, empathy, persistence, and the importance of sunscreen.

No other club on campus loves dogs as much as we do.

100% true fun facts about our team

  • We play ultimate frisbee.
  • We're good at playing ultimate frisbee.
  • Our coaches Punky, Tattoo, and Papa are absolutely amazing.
  • As a team, we eat 50,000 calories worth of food on a tournament day (totally from a credible source).
  • We blast some of the best tunes at tournaments.
  • We're nice and occasionally let rookies get bed spots.
  • Our team has collectively gone through 10 hydroflasks over the past year
    (yet again another made up number but one of our players has lost 4 hydroflasks).
  • We're sponsored by Spikeball.
  • We give the best nicknames in the country.
  • Everyone on our team is really cool (not a biased opinion whatsoever).

Our Wonderful 2018-2019 Donors!

  • Julia Johnson
  • Jamey Starcher
  • Jim Buckley and Carolyn Benson
  • Ron and Cheryl Cummins
  • Rob and Maki Tess
  • Alpha Starcher
  • John Tess
  • Phyllis Tess
  • Ruth and David Lawrence
  • Beta Rappleye
  • Christie Yeh
  • Jessica Rosenblatt
  • Franklin Rho
  • Bonnie Nguyen
  • Mary Kate Hogan
  • Carrie Williams
  • Ocho

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